North Dakota Young People in A.A.

July 17, 18, 19 2020

Registration Closed. Please register at the event. See you there!!!


North Dakota Conference of Young People in A.A. serves as a way for young alcoholics to work together for a common purpose: to stay sober and help others to recover from alcoholism. Through Unity, Service, and Recovery, NDYPAA aims to attract alcoholics of all ages to their common solution for alcoholism.


The Pink Cloud: More Than a Feeling,... A Way of Life!

The "Pink Cloud" - The elation and happiness of early sobriety. The newcomer feels and sees hope again, they are enjoying life again. The Pink Cloud is the feeling of taking steps towards God and a better way of living. It is NOT a short-lived moment of denial as some may call it. They say, "It won't last." or “It's not real." NOT WITH THAT ATTITUDE, IT WON'T!

The only reason the Pink Cloud fades is due to complacency and frankly, laziness in recovery.

If we keep our feet moving, keep leaning into God, and keep helping others, we can ride the Pink Cloud into the sunset!!

Come Ride With Us!!!

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